Thursday, November 06, 2008

God's activity in the world

God has been teaching me a lesson in the last month that I can only begin to reference here and will probably outline more in a later posting. However, at this time, I'm compelled to notice God's activity in the world around me. This image of the book at the left illustrates what I'm talking about. I haven't read the book, but the cover and the concept capture me. If God is personally involved in my life (and yours), it can be assumed that even the seemingly mundane must have an imprint of God in it. And yet, often I fail to see it. I'm compelled to ask: what is God doing in the world around me that I'm too busy to notice?
O God, may I never be too busy, too self-absorbed, and too pious to be above the places where you might bring me! Open my eyes to where you are at work. Amen.